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Due to the nature of these products and to ensure everyone’s health safety, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued. 


What is Silver Nano Technology?

Silver has long been known to inhibit the oxygen exchange in bacteria, which kills the bacteria. Nano Silver Technology has been proven to prolong and enhance that effect.

Its super-charged magnetic attraction pulls the abnormal DNA of viruses, so it cannot reproduce, thus killing viruses.  Nano Silver Technology is an antimicrobial colloid offering excellent antimicrobial efficacy across a wide spectrum of microorganisms.

So, it really uses Silver?

Our Highly Conductive Silver-infused fabric embeds the silver directly into the fibers rather than giving them a surface treatment.

This results in the use of nanoparticles instead of conventional silver.

Silver Nano Particles

The highly conductive silver particles continuously release ions, which are able to kill viruses and bacteria that come into contact, keeping our Silver-Nano face masks antibacterial and eliminating other possible hazards. 

Nanoparticles release at the right rate to keep a thin silver film on the fabric, preventing a bacterial foothold.

Nano-silver particles will not dissolve in water, but will increase their activity!

What the Experts Say

“Treated face mask showed three-fold enhancement in bacterial inhibition as compared to untreated face mask.” Science Direct

“PET fabric treated with antimicrobial agents has been extensively studied and results indicate the capability of preventing the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, algae.” Scientific Reports

“Masks should have at least three layers of fabric.” Men’s Health

“Our observations suggest that a higher thread count by itself is not sufficient to guarantee better stopping-capability.” World Health Organization
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Love these masks!

One of the best masks I’ve tried! They are breathable, lightweight, and very comfortable. I love that they come in various color options. - Danielle


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So comfortable!

I won't wear any other mask! lightweight, breathable but also I feel protected!! Love them!

Comfy and Great Price for Antimicrobial

I sent these to family who were going back to school - I love the masks because they don't fog up my glasses, but I also wanted my family to have the antimicrobial protection and filter without having to wear 2 masks. Great price compared to other antimicrobial masks. Highly recommend!

Is this false advertising

I ordered 5 Adult facemasks, I recieved 5 Child sized masks . You sent several emails asking if I recieved my order. When I recieved order I replied to your email and stated I did not recieve what I ordered, this was 5 days ago. You have not responded back. You took my money and sent me what I did not order and now no communication at all from you. That is the definition of a scam. I expect to be contacted asap and this situation remedied. I spent hard earned money and expected what I ordered.

We sincerely apologize for your order issue and the frustration it has caused. Customer service is a top priority - we will refund your order, and we will be sending you a complimentary XL mask to see if it's a better fit. Our Dublin, Ohio office number is (614) 408-9939.

We appreciate you contacting us to resolve this matter. We had unknown email technical difficulties that have now been resolved. We will contact you directly ASAP, and we will absolutely make this right. Thank you.

So soft

I have tried several types of masks and this is by far the most comfortable! I wash by hand or in a zippered bad and hang to dry. Great customer service and quick shipping.

Very comfortable and liked the product. Not sure which direction the filter should be though.

Thanks for your 5 star review! The three-ply antimicrobial filter works best with the 'yellow' side closest to the mouth. We have uploaded a picture for reference. Thanks for the great question!