Engineer-designed masks for ultra comfort, with silver-nano (goodbye germs!) protection.

Pampering, Fog-Free & ultra Breathable

Deluxe Breasy Masks

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Pampering, Fog-Free & ultra Breathable

Deluxe Breasy Masks

SALE! Shop now

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Great mask

I love it and it fits great. I had no problems wearing it or breathing with it.

For my husband, the large was to small and even with his portable O2 concentrator, he has trouble breathing.

Great quality but too small

Very good quality but too small for my husband's face.
Is there a way to get a larger product - we really like the mask.

Hi! Thanks for contacting us. We carry XL sizes in our Breasy Sports style. We will contact you directly with additional information. Thanks!

Gotta love the upgraded comfort and style

The more likely probability is that wearing a mask is going to stay for awhile in 2021 even with people being vaccinated. The need of using disposal mask is not so much a feasible option especially as we start meeting and being in shared spaces more frequently. a) You may mistake which of the disposal mask is actually yours, most of them look similar. b) it becomes a want to match your mask to your outfit. c)it actually is nicer too just wearing a mask in the winter to keep the cold dry air out.

Now for these mask, they are much more comfortable and you really can breathe much easily (I did the test of blowing out a lighter flame and it gives as much protection with the filter like a proper mask should. Both me and my wife have a pair each and they fit better around your face and has less stress on the ears as they are more stretchy versus the ones we had before which were much more stiff. I tried the sport version too which does allow you to breathe better but with the caveat that you don't have the filters so slightly less protection but I don't except being near anyone for long while taking a quick jog. I definitely recommend them.

Love these masks!

One of the best masks I’ve tried! They are breathable, lightweight, and very comfortable. I love that they come in various color options.

Loooove it!

Love the sports mask! It’s the only one i feel like I can workout with at the gym. Also really soft and there are a ton of color choices.